Library Policies

Materials Selection and Collection Development Policy

The primary purpose of the Norelius Community Library is to select, purchase, organize, and make readily accessible books and other printed, recorded and on-line materials, and to stimulate interest and give guidance in their free use to everyone in the community regardless of age, sex, race, creed, or social, economic and educational level.  These materials will represent the widest diversity of views and expressions available within our budget constraints.

Selection is made on total content and to provide the best that has been thought and said, not to restrain, but to give opportunity to choose from a variety of sources.

Selection will be made, where possible, to provide several points of view.  New ideas, social change, unrest, and fear are always a threat to our personal comfort, but out of this is growth and freedom that has given the United States the elasticity to endure strain and to grow.  In the final analysis, additions to the collection are chosen on total content.

Selections are made to make it possible for readers to choose from a variety of offerings and provide books that enrich the quality and diversity of thought and expression. The Board favors free enterprise in ideas and expression.  Books are our greatest instruments of freedom.

The Library, its staff, board, or volunteer do not, by providing certain materials, endorse every idea made available.  It is not our intent to impose our views; rather, we wish to provide material from which citizens can establish their own political, moral, or aesthetic views.  We are not qualified, nor have we the right, to make moral or intellectual judgments for the citizens of the community or patrons we serve.

The Library generally applies the same criteria in evaluating gift materials that it applies to items purchased with funds received, however some gifted materials are designated by the donor for a specific purpose and the Library will seek to honor donative intent at all times.

We endorse the Library Bill of Rights.  (Refer to the Iowa Library Association Intellectual Freedom Handbook). This can be found online at

Some material and equipment because of its nature may be kept in isolation; for example, bound newspapers, historical books, yearbooks, etc.

The library’s collection will be evaluated in a regular, on-going manner.  Materials may be removed from the collection if they are worn out, misleading, superseded, no longer circulating, or duplicated, or because of space limitations.

Reviewed February 2020


Personnel Administration

Responsibilities of all employees

  1. Friendly service to customers is to be given top priority. 
  2. Be aware of local, municipal, and state legislation relevant to Intellectual Freedom.  Freedom to read and freedom of the Press are directly related.
  3. Bring complaints from the public to the Library Director’s attention. 
  4. Maintain confidentiality of all information regarding Library patrons.
  5. At least one adult staff member must be on duty in the Library at all times when the Library is open to the public.

Hours and Scheduling

  1. The Library Director’s hours shall be established by the Board.
  2. The Library Director shall be scheduled to work 40 hours per week.
  3. The Library Director shall oversee and approve the preparation of the work schedule for the Library staff.
  4. The Assistant Director and the Youth Services Librarian shall be scheduled to work 40 hours per week.
  5. Full time employees shall be scheduled to work a minimum of five days per week.
  6. Hours worked shall be recorded on a time sheet and provided to the City Clerk.


Vacation leave shall be arranged in accordance with the employee’s plans whenever possible; however, in all instances vacation time shall be approved at the discretion of the Library Director.


Ten paid holidays recognized:

  •             January                        New Year’s Day
  •             January                        Martin Luther King Day
  •             February                      Presidents’ Day
  •             May                             Memorial Day
  •             July                              Independence Day
  •             September                   Labor Day
  •             November                   Veterans’ Day
  •             November                   Thanksgiving Day
  •             December                    Christmas Eve Day
  •             December                    Christmas Day

The Library will close at 4:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Eve but this is no longer considered a holiday.

The Library will be open regular hours on Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day and Veterans’ Day, but will close for all other holidays listed above.  

In as far as it is possible, all full time staff will be afforded the day off with holiday compensation on the actual holiday.  Part time library assistants will staff the library on these “OPEN” holidays.  If, in an emergency, full time coverage of the holiday is required, the employee will receive their regular pay for the hours worked and be afforded an additional day off with holiday compensation as is afforded to all city employee. The additional day off will be taken directly prior to or directly following the holiday.

If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed either the preceding Saturday or the following Monday, at the discretion of the Library Director.

If a holiday falls on a full-time employee’s day off, the employee will take the holiday on the holiday and be afforded an additional regular day off directly proceeding or directly following the holiday. 

Computing hours for early closings on Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Eve: Employees will work a modified lunch schedule in order to accommodate the early closings.

Part-time and temporary employees are not entitled to paid holidays.

Compensatory Time

Compensatory time for hours over forty (40) per week will be given at the City of Denison rate.  However, compensatory time must be used by the end of the current fiscal year.


All hourly employees will be paid for straight time. Overtime over forty (40) hours per week will be paid at time and one half. Overtime for hourly employees will be authorized at the discretion of the Library Director.

Payment of Professional Dues, Expenses, Mileage

  1. Professional dues to the Iowa Library Association shall be paid for the Library Director and the President of the Board of Trustees, and other personnel as needs and funds allow.
  2. Professional dues to the American Library Association and the Public Library Association shall be paid for the Library Director, as funds allow.
  3. The Library shall pay the employees’ expenses and mileage to workshops.  This includes expenses and mileage to classes for State Library Certification. Mileage reimbursement shall be at the rate set by the City of Denison.
  4. Employees attending to official Library business outside of regularly scheduled hours shall be compensated at their regular pay when proof of expense is presented to the Library Board.

Electronic Media

Computers and other electronic media provided by the Library for the public may be used by employees on their own time in accordance with the Library’s Technology Policy.

Appropriate Dress

Employees shall wear appropriate dress for working with the public. A professional appearance is encouraged.  Jeans may be worn for cleanup days with prior approval. Shorts are not considered appropriate dress.


Reasonable leaves of absence shall be granted to Library personnel to attend funerals of the immediate family.

Immediate family includes spouse, children, parents, grandparents, foster children, brothers, sisters, or corresponding relative of your spouse or other relatives residing in your immediate household.


No restrictions will be placed on employees working other jobs so long as the outside employment does not interfere with their work at the Library.

Severe Weather

When the Director or designated staff member, upon consulting with the Board President or next senior Board member, judges that weather conditions threaten the safety of the staff or the public, the Library will delay opening or will close early.

If the Library is forced to close or delay opening due to inclement weather full time employees will be given opportunity to make up the missed hours of work by working additional hours on another day by the end of the next pay period.  Full time employees may also choose to use comp time or vacation time to make up the missed hours for the pay period.

If the Library remains open, and a full time employee scheduled to work has elected not to come in due to weather related concerns, the employee must take the time as vacation, sick leave or comp time.

If a full-time employee has previously elected to take a personal or sick day before the decision is made to close the Library, the employee must take her/his scheduled hours as planned as either vacation, comp or sick leave.  Part time staff will only be paid for the hours worked that day.

If the Library is forced to close or delay opening due to inclement weather notification will be made to the local radio station. 


The Library Director shall evaluate the performance of employees annually, for review by the Board at the April meeting each year.

The Library Board shall evaluate the performance of the Library Director annually, for review by the Board at the April meeting each year.

The Library Board and the employees shall evaluate the Library for review by the Board at the April meeting each year.

The Board shall evaluate its own performance at the April meeting each year.

Access to Personnel Files

The Library maintains a personnel file for each employee.  The personnel file includes such information as the employee’s job application, resume´, training, salary increases, and other employment records.

Personnel files are the property of the Library, and access to the information they contain is restricted.  Generally, only the Library Director, Library Board President, and the Denison City Manager are allowed to review the information in personnel files.

With reasonable advance notice, employees may review their own personnel file in the presence of a member of the Library Board. Employees who wish to review their own file should contact the Library Director.  Employees may also obtain a copy of their personnel file from the Library Director.

Termination of Employment

Dismissal procedures: In the event an employee is dismissed, said employee shall be given a written notice terminating employment.  Upon request, said employee shall have the opportunity to meet with the Library Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting to discuss the grounds for dismissal.


The Library Director shall have access to the Board of Trustees.  The Assistant Director, Youth Services Director, and other staff members shall first take any grievance they may have to the Library Director.  If the Library Director does not remedy the grievance, they then may bring their grievance to the attention of the Board of Trustees at a Trustees’ meeting.  The Library Board’s decision is final and binding.

Policy Copies

Each employee and new employees shall be given a copy of the Personnel Policies, which shall be reviewed annually by the Library Board of Trustees.

 Reviewed February 2020