Meeting Spaces

Norelius Community Library has three meeting spaces available for use: the Conference Room, the Carnegie Room, and the Fireside Room. They are located upstairs in the original Carnegie Library, next to the Children's Library.

If you would like to reserve a space, please call us at 712-263-9355 or stop at the Circulation Desk to fill out a Meeting Room Contract.

You can also download a printable PDF of the contract to fill out by hand and bring to the library.

If you call us or email us your contract, you will be asked to sign the form in person at the library on or before the date of your meeting.

If you would like to reserve a room as a study space, please inquire at the Circulation Desk the day of your study session. Study spaces must be reserved daily, but the form only needs to be filled out once per calendar year.

Your meeting room contract will remain valid until the next calendar year. New forms must be signed every January.


Meeting Room Policies

I.                    USE OF MEETING ROOMS


·       Limited to non-profit use by individuals or small groups.

o   Non-profit community-based tutoring services are acceptable. Individuals who serve as tutors for fee-related services are not considered non-profit and must be approved prior to use of the meeting room via the Library Director.

·     Key: If the room is to be used after Library hours, obtain key from librarian and return it within 48 hours. User must sign for key. Lost key charge: $50.00.

·       Long term use of meeting rooms: Key deposit is $50.00, to be refunded when key is returned.

·     Young adult patrons age fourteen to eighteen can check out a meeting room during normal library  hours of operation.

·       Reservations for meeting room use must be made in advance.

·       No food preparation other than making beverages.

·       No storage of food, drink, or equipment unless prior arrangements have been made.

·       The Library is not responsible for items left in meeting rooms.

·        No alcoholic beverages.

·        No smoking.

·        No candles or other open flames.

·        A limited number of tables and chairs are available for use.

·        A coffeepot is available for use, but users furnish coffee and all utensils.

·      Normal wear on rooms and furnishings is expected. However, users are responsible for the cost of     repair or replacement for damage or breakage beyond normal wear.

·        Library staff and/or Library Board of Trustees have priority for use of rooms for library purposes.

·        The Library Board of Trustees and/or the Library Director reserve the right to deny the use of rooms.


II.                  CHECKLIST FOR USERS


·         Access to meeting rooms is through the main entrance only.

·         The front door must be kept closed after hours or any time the library is unattended.

       Do not prop any exterior doors open at any time.

·         Do not block the handicapped entry door.

·         Dispose of trash in wastebasket.

·         Clear and clean tables.

·         Put away any tables and folding chairs that you set up.

·         Clean the kitchenette.

·         Turn off all lights.

·         Close and lock the meeting room door.

·         Check to make sure the main entrance door is locked if leaving after library hours.